3 Myths Regarding Sex Dolls That Need Busting

Myth 1. Sex Dolls Are Harmful To Health.
Yes, this is definitely the most viral myth that we encountered. 4 out of 10 people think that realistic sex dolls adversely influence your well-being. These people believe that mature dolls are made of cheap plastic materials and utilize toxic chemicals. However, just how much truth is there in this view? We state zero percent!

Yes! Why? Since there's no question of material quality when you buy real sex dolls out of any reputed sex doll manufacturer. Most mature doll manufacturers use quality materials such as TPE and silicone in creating these dolls.

TPE is a Thermoplastic Elastomer is a material that has attributes of boththermoplastic and elastomer. TPE material has high impact strength, superb resistance to chemicals, and weathering are all recyclable.

Similarly, silicone substance also includes high elasticity, superb temperature resistance, and is also recyclable. Because most genuine sex dolls are made from either of these two materials, you should not be concerned about its quality.

Therefore, that the misbelief that realistic sex dolls are detrimental to health stands entirely untrue in our study. However, note that if you're buying a cheap sex toy to save a few dollars, there are high likelihood that it might have been made of inexpensive materials.

Therefore we recommend that you buy sex dolls out of genuine adult dolls maker such as uusexdoll.com and myminisexdoll.com selling eg thick sex dolls to be confident about quality.

Myth 2. All Sex Dolls Are Of the Identical Size And Have The Exact Measurements.
This is another misconception that lots of people have. For whatever reason, they consider that all of realistic sex dolls have comparable dimensions, i.e., heightand body type, breast size, lips shape, eyebrow thickness, etc.. But in actuality, this is only a myth.

Realistic sex dolls are available in large varieties. These dolls are flexible and have altogether different dimensions. In fact, there are numerous categories to differentiate these dolls based on several features such as heights, boobs size, booty contour, vaginal depth, lips color, hairstyle, etc..

You can purchase a sex doll of your selection based on your sexual preferences. For instance, if you enjoy a woman with gigantic boobs, then buy a K cup gender doll or L sex doll. In exactly the identical manner, if you like blondes more than every other, buy blonde sex dolls. Additionally, there are male sex dolls in addition to female sex dolls.

These dolls' categories do not finish with body features, but there are AI sex dolls also! These AI dolls are all equipped with deep learning characteristics that let them react, moan, move, respond, as well as childbirth through sexual interaction!

Do you still think that all realistic sex dolls have exactly the exact measurements and seem exactly the same? We hope never!

So, just like the former sex dolls fantasy, that this belief also stands incorrect in our study.

Myth 3. Sex Dolls Are Addictive.
There's a big part of individuals who avoid buying realistic sex dolls because they think sex dolls are addictive. Are you one of them? If yes, let's find out how true this notion is.

To begin with, let's know what addiction is. Alcohol could be simply described as the powerful tendency to perform, use, or indulge in something repeatedly. This means sex dolls have very little or no part to play when it comes to addiction. But the fact is all people have another kind of sexuality and distinct libido amounts. Some folks desire sex 3 times per day while there are those who want it just once per week!

This means if you're a individual who has a high libido, then you're likely to ride that damn sexy, realistic sex dolls three times every day. But this, indeed, does not make adult dolls an addictive item because one can always control themselves out of using sexual dolls if they have strong will power.

However, if you are a sex maniac who thinks about nothing but the gender during the afternoon, do not blame sex dolls for the addiction because YOU are the issue here, maybe not the mature dolls.

So, just like previous beliefs, this conception was also shown to be false in our study.

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